Velvet Rush X Highland Green Thai

From Gas: Having grown many Thai types, I noticed the relation between the boel Highland Blue and the more recently collected Highland Green. Similar leaf pattern, resin content and scent. In fact I would say the two are related. This is why I did this breeding: To strengthen the hierloom genetic profile of the Highland Thai expressions knowing that the 79 Kabul will still have the power to hold it down into a indoor flower cycle. Highland Green was the most resinous thai I've ever grown. Unusually high resin level for a Thai landrace and more potent than the other Thai types in my personal experience, very similar to the Highland Blue traits in Velvet Rush. Velvet Rush has a great roadkill skunk phenotype and notable Highland Blue Thai effects. This 3 way landrace Thai dominated polyhybrid will have floweing times from 75 to 100 days, med to tall plants, seed could be started under 12/12. Greasy, sweet lemon, green curry, white gas, incense. A high end connoisseur smoke or a breeder type that would pump up any indica dominant line.”

Sex: Regular M/F
15 Organic seeds per pack plus Swami Organic Seed Freebie and or W.G.F.T Freebie.

Velvet Rush X Highland Green Thai


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