Swami Indica x Malana Cream Hash Plant

“A greasy five way pure landrace polyhybrid for those who live for exotic arrangements. I utilized the build of the Swami Indica to mate with the Malana Cream landrace hierloomin via intentionally selected parents. This polyhybrid will be a resin producing mega greaser. Hash or oil producers would benefit greatly ...or guys like me who like exploring the more exotic combos in the list.
Dank,earth,diesel,sweet spice,church,light perfume,camping fuel. Base and high notes of the most interesting olfactory points out there. Mid to tall,65 average.”

Sex: Regular M/F
15 Organic seeds per pack plus Swami Organic Seed Freebie and or W.G.F.T Freebie.

Swami Indica x Malana Cream Hash Plant


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